Voice Treatment

Tired of repeating yourself? Swallowing and Neurological Rehabilitation offers voice evaluations and rehabilitation to address impairments with vocal loudness, pitch, and quality. We're here to help you get your voice back!

At SNR, we offer state-of-the-art videostroboscopy voice evaluations via flexible and rigid endoscopy and work closely with several local otolaryngologists (ENTs) to provide high-quality voice assessment and treatment services for a variety of vocal fold pathologies including the following:


  • incomplete closure or vocal fold bowing,

  • vocal fold paralysis or paresis,

  • muscle tension dysphonia, 

  • vocal nodules,

  • granulomas,

  • chronic cough/laryngitis

  • paradoxical vocal fold motion (PVFM)


After the assessment and videostroboscopy to determine the underlying physiological impairments, the voice clinician develops an individualized vocal treatment program to target the areas of deficit. This might include an exercise program to bulk up the vocal folds to achieve better closure, exercises and strategies to reduce laryngeal muscle tension, and/or reducing harmful vocal behaviors. Often the exercises and techniques are completed by the patient at home daily with periodic follow up in the clinic to monitor progress and/or adjust the plan of treatment as needed. Sometimes a videostroboscopy is repeated along the way or completed again post-treatment to measure progress and response to the exercises. 

SNR's entire clinical team is certified in LSVT LOUD to provide this specialized voice treatment to patients throughout Oklahoma. The Lee Silverman Voice Therapy program has level 1 evidence and established efficacy for treating voice and speech disorders in individuals with Parkinson's disease with application to other neurological diseases. The LSVT LOUD program is highly regarded in the medical and speech pathology communities worldwide, and there are multiple research studies showing improvements in vocal loudness, intonation, and voice quality for individuals with Parkinson’s disease who have followed this treatment protocol. Other documented improvements from this program include improved articulation, facial expression, and swallowing. (Research on LSVT LOUD available here.) We also offer free LOUD for LIFE voice maintenance groups for program graduates!

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