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Motor Speech Disorders 101

Course Description:

“Motor Speech Disorders 101: An Introduction to Dysarthria and Acquired Apraxia” is an introductory course designed to provide an overview of classification and basic treatment principles for dysarthria and apraxia in the adult population. The goal is for participants to leave this course with a better understanding of differential diagnosis, related medical conditions, and general treatment principles for dysarthria and acquired apraxia of speech.

Course Format:

This course is a 1-hour recorded course that participants can complete at their own pace.

Expected Learner Outcomes:

After attending this course, participants will be able to:

  • compare and contrast the various subtypes of dysarthria

  • explain the general treatment approaches for each type of dysarthria

  • describe the signs, symptoms, and general treatment principles for acquired apraxia of speech

Motor Speech Disorders 101.png

Course Outline:

Video Run Time: 58 minutes, 40 seconds. Quiz and course survey-  estimated 3 minutes. 

  • Introduction

  • Basic overview of dysarthria and apraxia

  • Dysarthria subtypes (descriptions, examples, basic treatment principles)- hypokinetic, hyperkinetic, spastic, flaccid, ataxic, and mixed dysarthria

  • Acquired apraxia of speech overview, examples, basic treatment principles

  • References

Target Audience: This course is intended for speech-language pathologists, speech-language pathology assistants, or graduate students in speech-language pathology who are new to working with adults and/or need a basic refresher course for dysarthria and acquired apraxia.

Course Completion Requirements: A learning assessment (a question quiz) is completed at the end of the course along with a required course survey for course participation credit. Participants may access the course slides for the learning assessment and have 3 attempts to achieve a passing score of 80% (5 out of 6 multiple choice questions). This course is worth 1-hour of continuing education credit. Additional credits will not be awarded if participants take longer to complete the course than the video run time and the expected completion time of approximately 1 hour.

Course Offering Dates: May 24, 2020- May 24, 2025

Cancellation Policies for Online Courses:

If a self-study course is cancelled or removed by SNR before completion by the participant, the participant will be refunded for the course. No cancellations or refunds are permitted by a participant for online/self-study courses. Once a participant has registered for and paid for an online/ self-study course, no refunds will be issued. The participant has until the course end date specified for that course to return the required items to receive course completion credit.

Complaint Policy:

Please direct complaints to, and we will address them as quickly as possible. For more details on our full complaint policy and other continuing education policies and course registration details, click HERE.


Speaker Bio:

Tiffany Turner is a board certified specialist in swallowing and swallowing disorders. She founded Swallowing and Neurological Rehabilitation in 2014. Tiffany and her team perform FEES and videostroboscopy exams and provide highly specialized treatment services for individuals throughout the region. She has also authored several clinical resources which have been utilized by thousands of SLPs worldwide and teaches several adult medical SLP continuing education courses. 

Speaker Disclosures:

Presenter: Tiffany Turner, MS, CCC-SLP, BCS-S

Financial Disclosures - Tiffany Turner is the owner of Swallowing and Neurological Rehabilitation, LLC and receives a salary.

Nonfinancial Disclosures - No relevant non-financial disclosures exist.

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