To refer a patient for an evaluation and treatment for swallowing, cognition, voice, or speech-language, please fill out the referral form below and fax it to 918-928-4701 or email it to office@tulsasnr.com, along with the patient's insurance card and medical history. SNR will then contact the patient directly to arrange an appointment.


To order a swallow study (fiberoptic endoscopic evaluation of swallowing) or a videostroboscopy voice assessment, please check the option labeled 'Endoscopy' on the referral form. 


SNR will send the referring physician a copy of the patient's evaluation (including images from instrumental assessments) and plan of care, along with periodic updates about the patient's progress. Feel free to call SNR at 918-928-4700 with any questions. Click here for payment/insurance information. 

Physician Referrals
New Patients

Welcome to Tulsa SNR! If your physician has ordered a speech-language pathology evaluation, please call us at 918-928-4700 or email us at office@tulsasnr.com to schedule your appointment. Prior to booking your appointment, SNR will need:

  • a copy of your insurance card,

  • your past medical history, and

  • your physician referral form (often faxed directly to us by your physician).


If you are not being referred by a physician, call us today to discuss your case with us and find out if you could be a treatment candidate. After discussing your symptoms, our team can help you contact your physician to obtain a referral for an evaluation. An appointment for a full evaluation will be scheduled at that time when a referral is received.  Click here for payment/insurance information.


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