All testimonials are shared with permission and have been left on post-treatment surveys. 

I was referred to SNR by my ENT when a scan revealed a pool of fluids was at the top of the entrance to my throat caused by weak swallowing muscles. This condition often caused me to wake up choking when I tried to lay down to sleep. SNR evaluated my condition and recommended a neurologist that would be very helpful in identifying root causes. This resulted in identifying the cause as LEMS (Lambert Eaton Myasthenic Syndrome) which then led to discovering my pancreatic cancer at a very early stage. Successful surgery and 6 months of chemo has eliminated the cancer and LEMS. During this stressful time, SNR improved my swallowing and reduced my tongue biting. They provided expert advice and directed my efforts. SNR was outstanding! They displayed an amazing combination of professionalism, expert knowledge, very effective practical application, and caring that not only saved my life but also kept me focused and optimistic! Thank you SNR!


Dysphagia; Diagnosed with LEMS and Cancer

I couldn't be happier with my experience with Swallowing and Neurological Rehabilitation. Stacy and Tiffany are well trained in their field of study. I had laryngitis due to highly inflamed vocal cords. Because of their extensive training and technological expertise, they were able to help me considerably with my 8 months of laryngitis. I give them my highest recommendation. You will be treated with professionalism and kindness and compassion!


Chronic Laryngitis; Muscle Tension Dysphonia

I was treated for muscle tension. My voice was strained and tight, and I didn't have a lot of voice. Stacy was my therapist. She did an exceptional job. She was very informative and very knowledgable of what she was doing. She was very helpful and did a tremendous job. My voice is back to normal, and I am speaking well. I was very pleased with the service. 


Muscle Tension Dysphonia

Nathan's speech was affected when a sinus infection went into his brain. The speech therapist was very encouraging. The whole office was friendly and a pleasure to work with. Nathan was fortunate as the swelling went down his speech improved. Each day saw fast improvement. Advice for others- stay the course. Therapy brought Nathan back to his pre-infection self. Thank you! -Nathan's Mom


Brain Infection; Difficulty Speaking

I'm so relieved that I finally mentioned to my primary care doctor about my voice issues and was able to make contact with Swallowing and Neurological Rehabilitation. It was a relief to find there was nothing frightening about my issue and that there was treatment. And the treatment made a tremendous difference in my ability to make conversation. The exercises and guidance Stacy suggested began working quickly. She is so encouraging and fun to be around. I actually miss going to therapy! Thank you SO MUCH for the excellent care.


Spasmodic Dysphonia

After I broke my neck in a fall, my throat was damaged twice when tubes were put down my already injured throat.

The damage done with the second tube was so severe that I could no longer swallow without choking. The ENT doctor I saw recommended that I go for therapy at Swallowing and Neurological Rehabilitation. The therapies there were amazing, and in about a month after my feeding tube had been put in  and my therapy started, I was swallowing well enough that I started eating again, and within 3 months the tube was removed. 

I found the ladies at the rehab were able to answer questions that I had not had answered up to that time. They also showed an interest in my improvement that was very encouraging and inspired me to improve beyond what I would have ever been able to do without their help.


Broken Neck, Multiple Surgeries, Dysphagia

My name is Mike Morris, I'm the director of a nonprofit that works with teenagers. Talking is important. Imagine the surprise of not being able to do so. Though if you're reading this- you probably know. In hindsight, it seems so simple- Show up, do what they say, and today I can speak. But dealing with the fear of only being able to generate a small whisper and the gradual process of learning how to speak again, it wasn't easy. Without this group being the type I felt I could trust and without their encouragement and support- I would still be without a voice. Several times, I saw Tiffany not only go the extra mile with me, but also the 2nd and 3rd mile. They are the real deal, worthy of your trust and the perfect partner for you. They certainly proved that.


Bilateral Vocal Fold Paralysis; Muscle Tension Dysphonia

I was treated for an unclear and progressively worsening voice. Treatment was definitely helpful, and I am continuing the exercises. I very much appreciate the way everything was clearly explained and shown to me so that I understood the problem and what we were doing about it.


Voice Impairment

I had an amazing experience at the Swallowing and Neurological Rehabilitation office. My therapist Stacy was the most patient and kind therapist I have ever encountered. In fact, it is because of her of her that I am probably able to spell words like the ones above. Your patience and kindness made it much easier to keep going when I did not always want to. I can see your kindness and patience with other patients as well, and that speaks volumes about what a wonderful person you are, as well as an equally wonderful therapist. I also wanted to mention how kind and welcoming everyone in your office is, especially Connie up front, who was always professional and very kind. The combination of you and Connie is what made me want to be there, even on the hard days. Stacy and Connie are more than just people working. You can tell they both care deeply about everyone who walks through that door. Speaking of which, I absolutely loved the verses on the wall every time I walked in and left the office. You Stacy, and Connie, along with everyone who works in that office, are a blessing and a light for Christ in a world that needs it, and for that I cannot thank you enough. May God bless you and your practice going forward, and please don't ever lose the kind nature you have shown to all of your patients. I know I am extremely grateful to have been blessed with two incredible people in Stacy and Connie, and I will be praying that God will bless them in all of their endeavors.


Thankfully and Sincerely, Joel


Brain Surgery

I was referred for issues with swallowing, cognition, and memory. All staff were friendly and made you feel welcome in seeking treatment there. On the 1st visit the staff explained what was going to happen to treat each of the areas I was referred for. They were professional and made me feel very comfortable during my sessions. The staff was patient and took the time necessary for me to understand what I needed to do. In summary, I enjoyed my treatment there and felt kind of sad when my treatment was over. I would have to say all aspects of my treatment there were exceptional. A+


Parkinson's Disease

I was having trouble swallowing and was referred to SNR by my ear, nose, and throat doctor. After the swallowing therapy sessions, I was so improved. I no longer had to puree any of my food and can eat almost anything  I want. They are very professional, patient, and caring with their therapy and made a huge difference in my ability to eat. I highly recommend them.



OPMD brought us in to SNR. I hadn't swallowed for a couple of months (I have a PEG tube). Dr. Street referred me to Dr. Eric Edgar. While there {at the monthly MDA clinic}, the girls from SNR evaluated me and scheduled me for a swallow test {a modified barium swallow study with a local company}. Then I started therapy and exercises to possibly regain enough muscle tone to swallow again. After some therapy and exercises I was able to swallow liquid of nectar consistency and applesauce. Tiffany decided that a FEES scope would allow her to see if there was anything else they could do to help me swallow better. At that time Tiffany noticed that my UES is not opening. Then she suggested that I see an ENT {about a surgical procedure that can help with this}... If anyone is having problems with swallowing or speech, I would highly recommend going to SNR. The girls and Connie treat you like family and they are very professional. They also are Christian ladies, and if you need prayers, they are there to oblige. We love you girls and miss you.


Oculopharyngeal Muscular Dystrophy/ Dysphagia

I had a paralyzed vocal cord, hoarseness, and difficulty swallowing. I am now able to swallow without coughing. I feel every treatment or exercise I was given was of great benefit. Do your home exercises faithfully!


Paralyzed Vocal Fold, Dysphagia

I had swallowing treatment. Very nice people. I saw improvement in my strength of swallowing. Glad we went for it!


Progressive Supranuclear Palsy, Dysphagia

I couldn't swallow liquids without coughing. I had tried a CPAP machine before, and it didn't help. Now after my therapy at SNR I have improved my swallowing and am not coughing anymore!



We had a very good experience! Brandon related to Tiffany and was always ready for therapy even when he was having the VitalStim treatments. Off the thickener now! No more aspiration of liquids! Speech is continually improving from therapy. Give it a try-nothing to lose, but a lot to gain with positive results!

Brandon's Caregiver

Cerebral Palsy, Dysphagia, Dysarthria

I was NPO for 2 months. The VitalStim along with the swallowing exercises were a lifesaver for me! Had my feeding tube removed and now I can have a regular diet.... I highly recommend VitalStim! And be sure to do your swallowing exercises at home. They really help!... My overall experience- Outstanding! Professional! Knowledgeable!



I had dysphagia and aspiration. Food is easier to swallow and is not going down the airway now. Therapy improved my eating experience.


Throat Cancer, Dysphagia

I was choking when attempting to swallow foods and liquids which also created embarrassing situations at times. I went to a pulmonologist and ear, nose, and throat specialist before being referred to Tiffany. Now I'm swallowing with almost no problems when eating foods and drinking liquids. The therapist did an excellent job and made therapy fun! It was a very relaxed and successful experience. Due to my significant improvement, I would highly recommend Swallowing and Neurological Rehabilitation!



"My voice was changing. I was coughing after I drank. A laryngoscopy was don e [at my ENT's office], and they found my vocal cords weren't working. [The speech pathologists at SNR] did a great job with me! My voice has improved and is louder. I am not coughing anymore after drinking now. I did the recommended exercises and I saw improvements."


Parkinsonism, Dysphagia, Dysarthria

I now have extended concentration time. Very good experience. I highly recommend it!


Traumatic Brain Injury, Cognitive Impairments

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