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Resources for Speech-Language Pathologists

Multiple Licensing: If you would like to discuss purchasing a product for multiple licensing (e.g., for a team of SLPs to use on a shared drive at a hospital or for a university group, etc.), please reach out via email at to discuss a multiple licensing agreement. Pricing is based on number of clinicians using the product.

Dysphagia Clinician Resources - 2nd Edition

Dysphagia - 2nd Edition
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This 2nd edition of one of our most downloaded e-books was peer-reviewed and revised in 2017. It offers 45 pages of clinical swallowing assessment and treatment resources. Included in the book are patient questionnaires, a cranial nerve exam, p.o. trial response recording forms, therapy materials (exercises classified by function and use with a clinician selection guide), several patient, family, and staff handouts, and more. Handouts are classified by diagnosis (Parkinson's, dementia, head and neck cancer, etc.). Printable swallowing precautions, GERD precautions, oral care guidelines, etc. are also included.

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