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Speech-Language Therapy

A full speech and language evaluation is first completed to assess speech sound production as well as receptive and expressive communication abilities.

Common causes of speech/language deficits in adults and adolescents include:​

  • aphasia or apraxia resulting from a stroke,

  • other cognitive-linguistic or language deficits following a traumatic brain injury,

  • cognitive communication deficits related to dementia, 

  • and/or functional communication impairments related to other syndromes or underlying medical conditions.

Speech Therapy Session

After a thorough assessment, the SLP will develop an individualized plan to target the specific skills impaired (e.g., by implementing treatment to improve speech sound production, word-finding skills, language comprehension, written language skills, etc.). 

SNR's team is also experienced with alternative and augmentative communication (such as a communication board or high tech device), which is sometimes necessary when an individual is unable to express his/her wants and needs verbally. 

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