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This product was inspired by my intern this semester who will soon be my CF. When she first began with me, like many new clinicians, she didn't have much experience with the various medical diagnoses that we often encounter (Parkinson's disease, ALS , MG, MS, various dementia types such as lewy body dementia, etc.). Learning about these in the classroom is one thing, but remembering the highlights of each condition and how to tackle it clinically is another, and sometimes this disconnect can be stressful for new clinicians. I made her this quick reference guide with the hallmarks of each of the medical diagnosis we commonly see and the speech/language and swallowing characteristics and SLP role for each condition. I thought other new grads or others new to the medical arena may also find this beneficial, so I decided to offer this packet on my website to others as well! I hope you find it to be useful! Remember, this is not an all-inclusive resource, and independent research of current evidence-based treatment approaches should always be used in patient treatment.

SLP Diagnoses Quick Reference Guide

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