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Resources for Speech-Language Pathologists

Multiple Licensing: If you would like to discuss purchasing a product for multiple licensing (e.g., for a team of SLPs to use on a shared drive at a hospital or for a university group, etc.), please reach out via email at to discuss a multiple licensing agreement. Pricing is based on number of clinicians using the product.

Student Clinician Expectations (for supervisors taking a student)

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At SNR, we supervise a LOT of students. We have an intern every 8 weeks, including summers, and are booked 1-2 years in advance. Over the years, I have refined our process as we have figured out what works best. One key that I have discovered is that it is necessary to have clearly outlined expectations from the start. For my clinic, I put together a guide discussing intern logistics as well as a chart containing a week-by-week description of expected tasks that week, increasing responsibility throughout the rotation. It can be difficult sometimes to incorporate students into a medical setting since many of the things we do are highly specialized and can't be done by a student (e.g., FEES, videostrobes, etc.), but we have found ways to involve them in every session in some capacity. After being asked by several colleagues for advice on how to incorporate interns into specialized medical settings, I decided to make our intern packet available to you to use with your own students. The format is an editable Word document so you can change information as needed based on your facility's needs and services. This could be used for setting up an intern program in a SNF, hospital, or private practice setting. I hope it is helpful to you!

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